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Piano Strings Studio

Piano Strings Online Studio

exists since 2020,

and offers Online and In-Person Piano Lessons.

Instruments available for teaching, playing and recording:

Yamaha C-109, Petrof 198279,

Concert Kalimba 17 Keys, Tam Tam, Saxophones, different Flutes, etc.

PSO Studio is dedicated to the exploration of

cover artistry

piano arrangements

vocal-piano performance

preparation for public performance...

Teaching In-Person - in Vienna, Austria, and Hamburg, Germany

Courses and piano programs that PSO Studio offers are mostly

tailor-made for very beginners, advanced or late birds,

for students from 6-96 y. 

First meeting (Online) is between 15-30min and is free of charge.

The favorite course for students is PIANO STRINGS COURSE,

completely focused and shaped for the purpose to master

a student's favorite song in no time.


Piano strings 


Piano strings  is an interactive piano course. for cover artists and vocal/piano performers.
It's built for all beginners and advanced students at age 12 and above, interested in making music and playing BY EAR,  their own arrangement of  favorite song or some other composition (Modern, Pop, Rock, Classic, Cross-over).

All participants will learn the very basics of piano playing, music theory, harmony, theory of form and arrangement connected with songs or compositions of their and teacher's choice


General conditions


 “Piano Strings”  is interactive course made for  Beginners and Advanced students with basic or no knowledge of  piano playing.

Welcome are all "late bloomers" with no upper age limit and all music lovers.

Course duration for groups: 10 lectures (once or twice per week) and can be prolonged.

5  or more Individual lessons are also possible. 

Piano Strings Kids” is made for Children  from 6 to 11 years old.

(Parental guidance recommended)

Course for groups starts after enough applied participants.

Minimum: 5-10 Students.

Course for Individual lessons starts after first trial lesson, In-Person or online per Skype, or Video-Apps.
Teacher can be booked per email.  Online booking is coming soon.

Countries: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia
Cities: Hamburg, Vienna, Graz, Dubrovnik, Herceg-Novi, Novi Sad


Piano Strings Courses





“Meet Your Instrument” (Practical)

Meet Your Piano auditive and visual., Black and white keys, Walk with your fingers, Find different tons and keys, intervals and chords, etc.



“Meet Your Musical Elements/Tools 1” 
(Writing + Practical) 

Key, Rhythm, Pitch, Intervals, Melody, etc. 


“Meet Your Musical Elements/Tools 2”
(Writing + Practical)

Chords, Rules of harmony: harmonic structures and connections, Rhythmical Patterns for different styles, Melody, 


“The Structure of Your Song”  
(Writing + Practical)

Layering:  Form, Melody, Harmony, Rhythmical accompaniment, Mood, Meaning of the lyrics.


“Build Your own Arrangement”
(Writing + Practical)

Listen to your song, Break it down. Shape it.  Search for a mood..

“Play what You built” 

Find your arrangement on piano,  Practical exercises, Continuity and velocity of piano playing, .


“Write down Your own Arrangement”
(Writing + Practical)

    “Play it for Your Guests” - Stage Performance


Piano strings KIDS is made for children  from 6 to 11 years old ,

(Parental guidance recommended)
who want to play their own version of

Children's songs,

Popular or

Christmas songs BY EARS and then

learn to write it down.

A little ensemble of 2 students (piano 4 hands) or more can be organized by wish.



Piano strings baby is made for young parents,
Who wants to play easy Children's songs?

(for sleeping time or support child's active time with music and movement)

Songs can be Popular, sacred (Gospel) or

Christmas songs.

Each program is made individually after the person's wish.

Learning starts BY EARS.

By wish will be learned to write the songs down.

A little ensemble of both parents / siblings (piano 4 hands) or more

by wish can be organized.

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